Thursday December 14, 2017

Contact Us

Do you have a question about our Trees to Remember Program, how it works, or who is eligible to receive a tree? Want to contact one of our co-founders or board members? Contact us here and we will answer your questions.

General Questions: [email protected]

Tree Requests: [email protected]

Adopt a Family: [email protected]

The Branch: [email protected]

Board Members and CoFounders

Bill Clark, CoFounder and President: [email protected]      515-491-8543

Dustin Blythe, CoFounder and Past President: [email protected]    515-344-0587

John Dawson, CoFounder Vice President: [email protected]      605-521-8210

Lisa Ensign, Special Advisor; Treye’s Mom [email protected]

Shelby Klinkenborg, Adopt a Family chairperson: [email protected]

Matt Banzhaf, Special Advisor: [email protected]

Corey Viet, Secretary: [email protected]

Kelly Parker, Special Advisor: [email protected]

Matt Ulrich, Treasurer: [email protected]

Jessie Eilbert, Special Advisor:[email protected]

The Branch

John Dawson, CoFounder Vice President: [email protected]      605-521-8210

Kenny Svatos, Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]        605-731-9606