Sunday February 18, 2018

Dominican Republic Missions

Andrew Ulrich Las Charcas Baseball Field

Build it and they will come!

Friendly Softball Game Played February 2013

Friendly Softball Game Played February 2013

Total Cost for new Field$50,000 Total Cost

$6,000 Dig well

$6,000 grading of the land

$26,000 Fence, Block, Sand, Gravel and Concrete

$12,000 Bleachers



For the past three years Project 52 has taken mission teams to the Dominican Republic through its partner Lighthouse Projects DR. Team members have built houses for needy families and completed a gym project for at-risk youth. This past February the team visited Las Charcas Dominican Republic a rural community 45 minutes from the Haiti border.  We played a “friendly” game of softball and presented the local team with new uniforms and also gave the youth teams gently used baseball equipment. Our plans our to build a baseball field on the current location that will be a beacon to the community and will serve as an outreach for showing the love of Jesus Christ.


Treye Blythe Gymnasium dedicated in 2012 serves over 800 youth every month

Treye Blythe Gymnasium dedicated in 2012 serves over 1000 youth every month

Dominican Republic – Our Missions                                                                                    

  • Construction of Homes
  • Sports Projects and Outreach
  • Supply Donations

Our Partner in the Dominican Republic




For more infomation click here Lighthouse Projects DR

Where: Communities in Dominican Republic of Los Alcarrizos and Las Charcas

When: Mission trips throughout the year. Each trip is 8 nights and 9 days. We leave on a Friday and return the 2nd following Saturday

Cost: All expenses are covered including Food, Housing, Air Travel, Taxes and Travel Insurance. Depending on Airfare between $1700-$1900.

Work we do:

  1. Construction-including building of homes, community projects, concrete floors, and facilities at the school,
  2. Medical Assistance-including providing medical donation, medical expertise and assistance and free medical clinics
  3. Sports-including the building of sports facilities and working in those facilities, Participating in sports with the local community including baseball, basketball and Volleyball.
  4. Working at the Lighthouse school-Participate in teaching classes (English as a second language) and tutoring students

Q&A Manual for Mission Trips click here

No Experience is necessary for any of these areas only an open and willing heart to serve others!

Any questions contact Mission Trip Coordinator Bill Clark at or 515-491-8543

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